The power of Payvus
for partners

Grow your business while helping others

If you’re looking to strengthen your customer relationships, Payvus is an ideal partner. With the Payvus Visa Business Card, you can offer a meaningful solution to common small business complaints related to credit access: “I’m unable to get credit for my company because I haven’t been in business long enough … I don’t already have credit in my company name … my personal credit score is too low…” Unlike traditional small business cards that accept 35% of applicants on average, Payvus extends credit to 99% of applicants already approved for merchant acceptance, so you can confidently offer a solution that broadly supports the SMB market.

Gain access to the $230B embedded financial services market opportunity.

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More and more small businesses are looking for embedded financial services. Partnering with Payvus, you’ll not only be part of this massive trend, but you’ll also become an intrinsic component of a customer’s everyday business.

Be uniquely competitive

The combination of Payvus with your merchant processing differentiates you from competitive offerings in the marketplace. With its unique features and broad acceptance, Payvus provides you with essential advantage to gain market share.

Our team is your team

Payvus brings a full suite of marketing support to help you reach new and existing customers. Our dedicated team works with you from identifying prospects through campaign implementation, helping to keep the entire sales process quick, efficient, and profitable.

Go to market – quickly

Developing a small business card offering from scratch can take tens of thousands of hours and approximately $1 million. With Payvus, you can be up and running in a matter of days, offering your customers a tool that helps manage cash flow, increase working capital, and build business credit.